• All Hockey Canada and GTHL rules & regulations apply except where modified by tournament rules. The Tournament Director and/or Committee have final say on all rules and regulations and/or the interpretation of those rules.
  • Referee's decision is final. No protests will be heard on a referee's decision.
  • All fighting majors and Match Penalties will result in IMMEDIATE SUSPENSION from the tournament (this includes the semi-finals and finals).
  • The game clock will continue to run during the game if fighting occurs.
  • All teams must register at the tournament office at least 45 MINUTES PRIOR TO THEIR FIRST SCHEDULED GAME. There is an office at each venue.
  • The following documents must be submitted or presented to the tournament office prior to the start of the first scheduled game in order to register your team:
        1.  Approved Tournament Travel Permission Form issued by your      governing body ( e.g. GTHL,OMHA, USA Hockey ).
        2.  Approved Team Roster ( e.g. GTHL, Alliance, OMHA or equivalent player registration cards ) for current season with all registered players and must include all certificated and registered Team Officials
        3. No team official or player will be allowed to play or participate in the tournament unless they are on an approved roster ( NO EXCEPTION TO THIS RULE )
        4. When using Affiliate Player (s), an approved roster of the team that you are authorized to call up from must be presented when you register at your first game. The Affiliate player’s name does not have to be added to the game sheet until the game that the player is being played in.
  • All Hockey Canada, GTHL rules and regulations will apply. ( The Rule for 15 registered players is not in effect for this tournament )
  • All teams must be prepared to commence their games a minimum of 15 minutes prior to their scheduled start time, throughout the tournament.
  • All teams are responsible to bring their own locks for the dressing rooms. Tournament organizers and representatives are not responsible for lost or stolen articles. A team official is to be near the dressing door to ensure an ejected or injured player is let into the room immediately.
  • Game duration: stop time in minutes:
        1.  Minor Atom to Peewee 12-12-12
        2.  Minor Bantam to Midget 12-12-15
  • Pre-game WARM-UPS:
        1. The warm up will be posted at 3 minutes and will not stop until the first stoppage of play.
        2.  The clock will not be stopped until the first stoppage in play, this will allow all games to begin on time and prevent any untimely delays.
        3.  Should a team not be ready when the referee blows the whistle to start the game, the offending team will begin the game with a 2 minute penalty for delay of game.
        4. Teams may line up to shake hands during the 3 minute warm up.
  • Ice will be flooded prior to the start of each game.
  • If there is a 5 goals or greater spread, from the start of or at any time during the 3rd period, the clock will continue to run. Should the spread be reduced to 3 goals the clock will revert to stop time.
        1. WIN = 2 points
        2.  TIE = 1 point
        3. LOSS = 0 points
        4. Maximum points per game = 2 points
  • Ties in round robin standings will be broken as follows:
        1. The team with the highest percentage of goals for divided by the sum of goals for and goals against.
        2. The team with the fewest goals against.
        3.  The team with the most goals for.
        4. The team with the most wins.
        5. The winner of the round-robin game between (2) two tied teams gains the higher position.
        6. Team with the least number of penalties.
  • Playoff Format:
        1. Top 4 teams in each Category ( not Division ) will advance to the next round.
  • Overtime: Semi Finals and Championship Games only running time:
        1. 3 minutes with 4 on 4
        2. 3 minutes with 3 on 3
        3. 3 minutes with 2 on 2
        4. 3 minutes with 1 on 1 and continues 1 on 1 until someone scores.
        5. The first team that scores during any time of the overtime wins the game
  • The Head Coach of each team is responsible for reviewing and ensuring the game sheets are correct and ensuring that players or team officials are not on the bench while serving a suspension. Tournament organizers are not responsible should a team play a suspended player or have a suspended team official on the bench.
  • It is the responsibility of the coaches and team officials to ensure that there are 2 team officials ( or designated parents ) in the dressing room with the players at all times, from the time the players enter the room to the last player leaving. Should there be damage to the dressing room when you enter please advise the tournament coordinators or arena attendants to check the room.
  • Should a game sheet show an incorrect score or have an incorrect player as suspended, the Head Coach is to bring the concern to Vickie Mulé at 416-476-6220 or email Vickie at
  • Time Outs - one 30 second time out per team in the semi- finals and finals only.
  • Should any game(s) be cancelled due to circumstances beyond the organizers control we will try to reschedule the game(s).
  • All injuries are to be reported to the tournament office. Should an ambulance be required for an injured player the Tournament office must be informed.
  • The Hillcrest Sports Club and/or its sponsors, directors, members, other clubs or individuals assume no legal liability for injuries or other loss as a result of participation in or traveling to or from the Brian Steele Memorial Early Bird Tournament. All coaches, managers, assistant coaches, legal representatives or teams officials, hereby agree and will abide by all tournament rules and regulations as set forth by the Tournament Committee.
  • It is the responsibility of each team to read the rules and if the rules are not clear please email the chairperson for clarification when applying.
  • No refunds once teams have been accepted (no exceptions)
  • Teams must use our sponsor hotels for the tournament. For scheduling purposes the teams are to advise us which hotel they are staying with their team prior to July 15th
  • In the event that games are cancelled due to circumstances beyond the tournament's control every attempt will be made to reschedule the games affected, if it is not possible to reschedule the games then the affected team's will have their standings prorated based on their games played
  • The Hillcrest Sports Club ( Brian Steele Tournament Committee ) shall have the prerogative to render a decision under any emergency situation.